The Lazarus Project by Carrie Merrill

On Sale: October 30, 2021; "The Lazarus Project" The first in the new S.P.E.C.T.E.R. series by Carrie Merrill. "In the afterglow, the grid vanished, and Ryan’s breath caught in her throat when she saw what remained. There was Jean, walking through her living room just as Ryan had imagined. Except, this woman was outlined in a halo of blue light—a hologram with every living detail that had been Jean—when she was alive."

The Third Force by Glenn Voelz

First Steps Publishing New Release

The Dramatic Conclusion to the Gisawi Chronicles. “An all too real finale to the Gisawi Chronicles. A cautionary tale about nation-building run amok. Fiction often gets to a higher truth. The Third Force proves it.” — Kevin Maurer, NY Times Bestselling co-author of No Easy Day. In the final chapter, the Democratic Republic of Gisawi holds historic elections after a popular uprising ousts the county's former dictator. However, someone claiming to be the infamous warlord, Daniel Odoki, has returned to lead a rebel army that threatens to disrupt the fragile democracy and seize the strategic military outpost of Kiskow.