Children’s Books

Children’s books are the most popular form of book for e-book and print formatting, though require more attention in order to fit all the different e-reading devices.

eBook Formatting

Childrens books can sometimes require a substantial amount of designing in order for them to fit the format used on different eBook devices. And each device has it’s own structure.

In many cases, text is overlaid images as in Fixed Layout. Others, the images are full page, with the text running above or below the image.

Fixed Layout

Fixed layout e-books are a popular format, especially for children’s e-books, complex non-fiction e-books such as cookbooks and textbooks. Unlike standard e-book formats, fixed-layout e-books can keep the same layout and design as a print counterpart as well as include enhanced formatting such as audio, video and other interactivity. More on Fixed Layouts >>

Print Layout and Design (POD)

Offering a print book is a lot easier with print-on-demand (POD) books services, such as Create Space (Amazon) and Lightening Source. Creating a print book is similar to any printed piece, and offers a lot more flexibility in design. More on Print Layout and Design >>

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