Quality. Excellence. Design.

QED stands for Quality, Excellence, Design. It is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval™” for eBooks. At First Steps Publishing we test all our files against the 13-point quality assurance test across multiple formats and devices.

Developed by Digital Book World the QED is a signal to your readers that your eBooks will render beautifully on any screen on which they choose to read. Read more…

QED Inspection
Quality Assurance Check-List

  1. Front matter: the title does not open on a blank page.
  2. Information hierarchy: content is arranged in such a way that the relative importance of the content (heads, text, sidebars, etc) are visually presented clearly.
  3. Order of content: check of the content to be sure that none of it is missing or rearranged.
  4. Consistency of font treatment: consistent application of styles and white space.
  5. Links: hyperlinks to the web, cross references to other sections in the book, and the table of contents all work and point to the right areas. If the title has an index, it should be linked.
  6. Cover: The cover does not refer to any print edition only related content.
  7. Consumable Content: The title does not contain any fill-in content, such as workbooks and puzzle books, unless the content has been re-crafted to direct the reader on how to approach using the fill-in content.
  8. Print References: Content does not contain cross references to un-hyperlinked, static print page numbers (unless the ebook is intentionally mimicking its print counterpart for reference).
  9. Breaks: New sections break and/or start at logical places.
  10. Images: Art is appropriately sized, is in color where appropriate, loads relatively quickly, and if it contains text is legible. If images are removed for rights reasons, that portion is disclaimed or all references to that image are removed.
  11. Tables: Table text fits the screen comfortably, and if rendered as art is legible.
  12. Symbols: Text does not contain odd characters.
  13. Metadata: Basic metadata for the title (author, title, etc.) is in place and accurate.
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