Step-by-Step Videos

Step-by-Step Videos and Tutorials

SIGIL WYSIWYG Ebook Editor Program

  1. Download SIGIL

DIY eBook Formatting Kit 3.1 (Feb 2012)


  1. Welcome
  2. Step 1: Using and Downloading SIGIL
  3. Step 2: Organizing your Workspace – Making your MyBook.epub file

NEW! Step-by-Step Tutorial (Sigil 7.2)

Watch them sequentially or separately

  1. Preparing your Word File, Converting to HTML and importing into Sigil 7.2
  2. Creating Chapter Breaks
  3. Adding, Deleting, Reordering and Renaming pages
  4. Setting the Semantics
  5. Adding, Deleting and Placing Images
  6. Creating the Table of Contents (Logical and Linkable)
  7. Setting the Meta Data and Validating the Epub file with Flightcrew
  8. Converting your Validated Epub into a Kindle Mobi file

(2010-2012) Step-by-Step Tutorial (Sigil 5.3)

These videos of Sigil 4.9 – 5.3 are still useful, although some features may have been depreciated or moved in newer updates of the Sigil program.

  1. VIDEO 1: Preparing your word document for HTML conversion
  2. VIDEO 2: Convert manuscript to clean HTML
  3. VIDEO 3: Setting Page Breaks in SIGIL using CSS
    1. (OPTION) SIGIL: Splitting HTML eBook Files in SIGIL
  4. VIDEO 4: Rename pages, Set Semantics and the Start Page
  5. VIDEO 5: Creating a Linkable Table of Contents
    1. (OPTION) Creating Linkable Table of Contents (TOC)
  6. VIDEO 6: Working with the TOC.ncx Editor and Meta Editor
  7. VIDEO 7: Make content changes to pages, reorder pages, add and remove images.
  8. VIDEO 8: HTML Clean Up
  9. VIDEO 9 Final proof and validation of epub file
  10. Converting EPUB to Kindle Digital Publishing in One Step

How to Create a Linkable Table of Contents for Kindle**

Although this is intended for one HTML file for Kindle publishing, the basics of coding can ALSO be used with the new Formatting Kit 3.0; if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

  1. Setting the Anchor link tags for the TOC
  2. Setting the Anchor Chapter tags
  3. Uploading HTML to KDP to preview

Ebook Covers

  1. How to Embed your Ebook Cover Design into your ebook
  2. Create Book Cover Design using Stock Photos and Photoshop
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